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The Czech Republic has gradually emerged as a favourite European destination of medical tourism. The reason for this is not only the affordable price but also the historically excellent level of medicine and perfect education stage of specialists and all medical staff. Medical GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness adds to it superior quality of staying, individual approaches to our clients and years of experience with wellness tourism. In the past, Czech health care was able to pride itself on many successes on both European and global levels. Today our country is well-known for many successes in oncology, cardiology, assisted reproduction, or ophthalmology (eye surgery). The high standards of Czech medical and research centers, accessible up-to-date diagnosis and medical appliances also allow implementations of the newest cutting-edge methods. Beauty of the country, inhabitants’ hospitality and unique cultural heritage, all together provides harmony, which is look up to by people from the whole world. The Czech Republic is a favorite vacation and treatment destination for Arabs, British, Swiss, Germans, Austrians and even Americans.

Our Medical GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness provides above-standard care in professional clinics in the Czech Republic. Our main pillar is our patients’ safety, based on high quality of the services our medical centres provide. Monitoring, controlling and constantly improving medical standards the management track dozens of parameters to assess the quality level of hospital procedures and their safety. The Czech medical manpower is honored abroad; they are demanded by the best European medical centers, mainly in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Scandinavian countries and France.

We guarantee complete anonymity, keeping all personal data of patients confidential. Also, our company provides a private jet for complete anonymity and comfort for our patients.

Medical GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness provides top-class medical tourism guidance focused on our clients’ safety and comfort. With Medical GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness you will find affordable medical care in the best clinics in the Czech Republic. Our company has years of experience in arranging medical services, including healing stays in medical spas. Czech plastic surgeons, fertility specialists, orthopaedists, eye doctors, and other physicians are ready to assist you.

Medical GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness offers patients comprehensive services of preventive and aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Our doctors are involved in the online consultation process. They are ready to respond to your questions. In some cases we are can arrange a conference call between you and the physician (for an extra charge).

Based on the preliminary online consultation you will receive a total quote including pre op checkup, anaesthesia, surgical procedure, hospital stay, medication and after care, transfer and hotel stay.

You will meet doctors who are trained and certified, all of them have long term experience working in the best hospitals in Europe. They advanced their medical knowledge in participating in the latest developments in medicine. They have experience with treating international patients and most of them speak English, German or Russian.